CCD Cameras for Challenging Lighting and Color Conditions, as well as Quantitative Analysis

Effortlessly capture challenging images of samples in complex lighting situations with the INFINITY2 CCD series. If precise color reproduction is critical, the exceptional quality of the INFINITY2’s Sony sensor meets the requirements of the most demanding applications. The INFINITY2 series of cameras offer consistent results with resolutions as high as 5 megapixel, positioning them as an ideal solution for challenging photo documentation and quantitative analysis applications in high-end scientific, medical, ophthalmic and life science applications.

In addition to the features provided by this family of cameras, the  INFINITY2-1R now offers a reduced dark current noise, providing long exposures for research applications.

• 1, 2, 3 and 5 megapixel resolutions
• Excellent light sensitivity
• Superior color reproduction
• 8, 12 or 14-bit output for quantitative applications
• Research-grade camera with low dark current noise

INFINITY2-1RC 1.4 MP CCD Color Camera
INFINITY2-1RM 1.4 MP CCD Mono Camera
INFINITY2-2C 2.0 MP CCD Color Camera
INFINITY2-2M 2.0 MP CCD Mono Camera
INFINITY2-3C 3.3 MP CCD Color Camera
INFINITY2-5C 5.0 MP CCD Color Camera
INFINITY2-5M 5.0 MP CCD Mono Camera
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Spezifikation INFINITY 2 - 1R C or M, 2C or M, 3C, 5c or M:

1/2" CCD

1/1.8" CCD

2/3" CCD

Sensor Resolution [max]:

1392x1040 Pixel [1,4 Mpix]

1616x1216 Pixel [2 Mpix]

2080x1536 Pixel [3,3 Mpix]

2448x2048 Pixel [5 Mpix]

C-Mount Coupler:0.5X, 0.5X, 0.5X, 0.63X
Pixel Pitch:4.65, 4.40, 3.45, 3.45
Frame Rate:15, 12, 5, 8
Bit Depth:8 or 14, 8 or 12, 8 or 12,  8 or 12
Read Noise:8.5e-, 12e-, 12e-, 12e-
Sub Sampling:

Aufrechte Mikroskope

Inverse Mikroskope

Aufrechte Scanningtische

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