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For challenging low-light applications the INFINITY3 series employs the ultra-sensitive Sony ICX285 CCD sensor. Two high dynamic range camera models are available:
  • • The INFINITY3-1 is thermoelectrically cooled to 25 oC below ambient and features a high signal to noise ratio, positioning it as an ideal solution for applications with extremely long integration times where dark noise must be eliminated.

  • • The uncooled INFINITY3-1UR is a cost-effective solution that has unmatched light sensitivity needed for low light applications including fl uorescence. Highlights include an extremely high dynamic range, large 6.45 μm pixels and outstanding color reproduction.

• Ultra-sensitive Sony ICX285 1.4 megapixel sensor
• Thermoelectric cooled and uncooled camera models
• Fast frame rates
• 14-bit output for quantitative applications
• GPI/O provided standard on cooled models
• Research-grade camera with extremely high dynamic range

INFINITY3-1C 1.4 MP Cooled CCD Color Camera
INFINITY3-1M 1.4 MP Cooled CCD Mono Camera
INFINITY3-1URC 1.4 MP CCD Color Camera
INFINITY3-1URM 1.4 MP CCD Mono Camera
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Spezifikation INFINITY 3- 1 C or M, 1UR C or M:

2/3" Cooled CCD

2/3" CCD

Sensor Resolution [max]:

1392x1040 Pixel [1,4 Mpix]

C-Mount Coupler:0.67X
Pixel Pitch:6.45
Frame Rate:15, 30
Bit Depth:8 or 12, 8 or 14
Read Noise:8e-, 6e-
Sub Sampling:

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