GSI2X chamber

STR Serie (Einstiegsmodell)

Deliver High-Quality system to everyone!

Reaching out to every user in every country. We wish to introduce great cost performance system with 22 years of our technical know-how in.

Our Confident

Original top-heater is able to keep the temp. even, no matter what kind of dishes you use.

Tempered Glass

Now our Clear Glass Heater uses tempered glass -Risk of broken glass is minimized to the max.

ONE-SHOT fixing

Magnetic attachments are more stable and easy to attach to the chamber and innovated a mechanism to prevent vessel damage caused by an interference from the object lenses.

10 minutes setup

The system is Simplified Designed. It can operate to maintain cell culture by connecting minimum 4 cables.
* cut the time used for setting up the machine.

Universal Design

Surface configuration of the WELSX is 127x85mm which is the same as well-plate. -It is suitable for all stages that fits the well-plate. -All heaters are able to control under one touch screen.


Keeps the stable temp. environment under the room temp. in a given set of circumstances -The water bath keeps the humidity rate at more than 90%.

Wreck Proof Lenses Heater Cord

The plug will automatically come off when the cord gets tangled in the objective revolver or pulled by certain tension. The plug could be locked on too, if demanded.

Top Heater Strengthen Heater
Interface Touch-panel
Control Manul
Sample Feedback regulation △(optional)
Program Control N/A
Stage Heater regulation method ON/OFF
Temp. Accuracy ± 0.3℃
Periodic Control 0.5s
CO2 concentration range 5.0~20%
CO2 concentration Control Auto
Screen Capture & Picture transfer N/A
Available reference Setting Value Sample Temp. 37.0℃
Room Temp. 25℃
Vessel: 35mm dish only
PC logging N/A
SET (included Dish Attachments) ○ (included)
Lens Heater Type: Rubber
Magnetic junction cable
Dish Attachment model name ATX
Dish fixing method Magnet
Add-on chamber unit (compatibility)
Gas tube type Pisco (one touch)
Add-on options models GM-8000, GM-4000, GM-2000, KSX-TYPE1, KSX-TYPE2
Microscope software (compatibility)


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