RM-2000 Specifications
Digital Servo Loop Time 1 millisecond per Axis
Digital-Closed-Loop Speed Dynamic Range > 40 dB
Motor Type Brushed DC Servo Motors
Maximum Motor Current 1.5 Amp
Motor Voltage 6 – 24 Vdc
Encoder Options Internal Rotary or External Linear Encoders Supported
Number of Axes Up to four Motor Axes, plus DAC Output Channel
Manual Controls XY Joystick, Control Wheel, Zero, @, and Home Buttons, Filterwheel Advance to Next, Shutter Toggle, Controller Reset
Display 4-line by 40-character LCD Display shows Axes Positions and Status
Computer Interface RS-232 Serial and USB
Interface Baud Rate 9600, 19200, 115200
Filterwheel Switching Time < 40 ms
Shutter Switching Time ≤ 8 ms
Power Requirements Voltage 100 – 240 Vac 50/60 Hz
Current 2.3 Amp (max)