Tokai Hit WSKMX chamber

STX Serie (Standardmodell)

Glückliche Zellen stehen für den Erfolg des Nutzers. Die STX-Serie vereint 22 Jahre Technologieerfahrung in einem System. Erfolgreiche Zellkultivierung wird mit neuen Funktionen unterstützt. “STX” ist unsere Antwort auf eine optimierte Inkubationsumgebung.

Selectable cell culturing mode

Incubation Modes : select from 3 Modes (Quick Mode, Feedback Mode, Manual Mode) serves the needs from beginners to experts. Enable to choose the most appropriate mode for the particular experiment.

Advanced Quick Mode

The system have multi-heating parameter patterns to keep the sample close to 37.0 ℃ automatically by selecting chamber model, room temperature range(20-22C, 23-27C, 28C) and vessels use.

Sample Feedback Mode
Temperature Control by Feedback

Sterilized temperature sensor makes it easy to measure the Temp. of culture media. The controller regulate the heater based on the sensor signal to keep it at the intended temp. This is more accurate temp. management regulation.

Tokai Hit’s Heating Quality

Tokai Hit’s original top heater is proven to distribute Temp. evenly within the chamber, regardless of the type of vessels.

Screen Capture and image transfer

programming to transfers Images to smartphones and tablets. You can see the image from home in at late evening possible.

Programmable Control

The system includes the software to program Temp. and CO2/O2 (CO2 and O2 control is possible with specific controller) as standard. With this function allows to expand the experiment field.

Simple Operation & Setting

GUI will assist to visualize the preparation to setting.
For all users, lead your cell culture to success.

10 minutes setup

The system is Simplified Designed. It can operate to maintain cell culture by connecting minimum 4 cables.
* cut the time used for setting up the machine.

Tempered Glass

Now our Clear Glass Heater uses tempered glass. Minimizes the risk of glass breakage to the max.

ONE-SHOT fixing

Magnetic attachments are more stable and easy to attach to the chamber and innovated a mechanism to prevent vessel damage caused by an interference from the object lenses.

Wreck Proof Lenses Heater Cord

The plug will automatically come off when the cord gets tangled in the objective revolver or pulled by certain tension. The plug could be locked on too, if demanded.

Top Heater Strengthen Heater
Interface Touch-panel
Control PC and touch-panel
Sample Feedback regulation ○ (included)
Program Control ○ (included)
Stage Heater regulation method Continuous Current
Temp. Accuracy ± 0.1℃
Periodic Control 0.5s
CO2 concentration range 5.0~20%
CO2 concentration Control Auto
Screen Capture & Picture transfer ○ (included)
Available reference Setting Value Sample Temp. 37.0℃
Room Temp. 20~22℃/23~26℃/27~28℃
Vessel: small vessels・WellPlate
PC logging ○ (included)
SET (included Dish Attachments) ○ (included)
Lens Heater Type: Rubber
Magnetic junction cable
Dish Attachment model name ATX
Dish fixing method Magnet
Add-on chamber unit (compatibility)
Gas tube type Pisco (one touch)
Add-on options models STX-CO2, STX-O2, STX-CO2O2, KSX-Type1,
KSX-Type2, Media Leakage Detector
Microscope software (compatibility)


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