Gantry-Stage 2

Automated XYZ Gantry Translation Stage

GTS-Series Gantry Translation Stages offer three precision closed-loop DC servo motor linear actuators available in a range of travels. The standard 15-inch unit, shown, allows 380 mm of travel in the X and Y coordinates and 100 mm (4”) of travel in the Z axis, with smaller and larger travel ranges available. An optional fourth axis controls the zooming video microscope, shown, available with zoom ranges as high as 16X.

The units utilize precision bearing guide assemblies to provide smooth and accurate movement. The entire stage assembly is precisely machined to demanding tolerances to provide a standard XY resolution of less than 3 microns, with typical bi-directional repeatability better than 5 microns. The X and Y axes have a maximum travel speed of 100 mm (4”) per second in the standard configuration, with other speed options available.


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