Accessories / Stage Inserts

Complementary products for the successful automation of your microscope.
Successful automation of optical microscopes also requires the right accessories for your specific task. Our accessories are optimally matched to our scanning stages and have been proven in many applications.

160 x 110 mm Stage Inserts

Stage inserts for slides 75 x 25 mm (3 “- 1”) in different versions.

160 x 110 mm Silver Finger Stage Inserts

Silver finder stage inserts for slides 75 x 25 mm (3 “- 1”) in different versions.

160 x 110 mm for Petri Dish & Flask Inserts

Stage inserts for petri dishes and flasks, suitable for different sample sizes.

160 x 110 mm Sealed Glass Chamber Inserts

Stage inserts for “Sealed Glass Chambers”.

160 x 110 mm Special Item Inserts

Stage inserts and plates for special applications and samples.

116 x 116 mm Stage Inserts

These inserts fit ASI’s old-style upright MS-2000 XY small stage. This stage fits well on smaller upright microscopes.

Stage Inserts for MS-9400 Series

Stage insert for scanning stages of the  MS-9400 series.

Stage Inserts for MS-8000 Series

Inserts for scanning stages of the MS-8000 series.

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