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Welcome to the world of microscope automation. Here you will find information on innovative product solutions, a comprehensive range of accessories and product enhancements; everything you need to automate your microscope. With our selected product portfolio we offer you the right solution for your specific application in the field of light microscopy.

Whether in research and development, life science or material inspection , we offer innovative products as high-precision XY- and XYZ-Scanning Stages for microscopes or stand alone, Linear Stages, 3D/4D Stages, Manual Stages, motorized Focus Systems and Accessories.

Nanopositioning is optimally done by piezo systems. These systems avoid stiction and friction, so that positions can really be set with even sub-nanometer accuracy. Relative to the maximum dispacements, resolutions of 5 ppm, repeatabilities of 50 ppm and linearities of 100 ppm are possible.

Whether you require a complete system for a complex biological experiment, automation devices for increasing throughput, or inspection systems to catch defects and increase production, We have the products and partners to provide well-engineered solutions for you.

Here you will find our different incubator- and heating systems.Our offer ranges from stage top incubators, enclosure systems with internal vibration free heating technology and with external heating technology, heating plates and accessories like different gas mixers.

Anti-Vibration-Systems keep undesired vibrations away from your sensitive applications in the field of: Light microscopy Confocal microscopy Laser Scanning Microscopy Scanning probe microscopy Electrophysiology Cell injection Ultramicrotomy Metrology

Digital CMOS, CCD or high definition (HD) cameras produce crystal-clear and vivid images in a wide variety of applications.

Motorized fine focusing, video autofocus and systems for focus stability – we automatically bring your specimen into correct focus.

Anti-Vibration-Systems keep undesired vibrations away from your sensitive applications.

Micrasys – microscope automation system

Micrasys offers its customers product and system solutions related to light and ultrasonic microscopy. With more than 15 years of experience in the field of automation and ultrasound technology for microscopy, our intention, in conjunction with our network of international partners, is the right product, the tailor-made system solution or even the right Service for you to find.


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GSI2X chamber

STR Series

STR Series (Entry model) Deliver High-Quality system to everyone! Reaching out to every user in every country. We wish to introduce great cost performance system

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STX Series

STX Series (Standard model) Happiness for the cells and Success for users. 22 years technology into STX. To support successful cell culturing with new features.

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