Digital Gas Mixer

Life cell imaging often requires not only optimal temperature and humidity conditions but also a special gas composition. Be it an oxygen deficient atmosphere or an accurately regulated CO2 content, the following digital gas mixers will provide the right gas composition for your application.

CO2 Gas Mixing system (5% CO2 concentration fixed)
For stable 5% + 95% Air mixed gas supply CO2 concentration 5% fixed, Gas flow rate 160ml/min fixed

CO2 Gas Mixing system (adjustable concentration type)
Adjustable CO2 concentration and flow rate. CO2concentration: 2.5 – 20.0% Flow rate: 50ml/min – 200ml/min

Hypoxia Gas Mixing system.
Hypoxia / Pre-condition use Easy setting a create Hypoxic condition. O2concentraiton range: 0.1 – ambient.

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