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Micrasys provides its customer with products and system solution for optical microscopy. With more than 15 years experience in the field of automation technology used in microscopy, in conjunction with our network of international partners, it is our intention to find the right product, customized system solution or service to meet your needs. You will receive valuable information on these pages in a clear and targeted manner. Micrasys offers you the right solution for your specific application with a selected product portfolio. Our team will accompany you on your way from the original task to finding the solution to the implementation, will give you answers to emerging questions and will be happy to advise you in detail.

It is our intention, in conjunction with our network of international partners, to find the right product, the tailor-made system solution or the right service for you.

A network of innovative companies

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ASI Applied Scientific Instrumentation

ASI creates solutions in the field of microscope automation. Whether it's a complete systems for a complex biological experiment, automation solutions to increase throughput or fault detection inspection systems, Applied Scientific Instrumentation has the appropriate products, employees and partners to help Providing customers with innovative solutions.

Logo Digital Pixel

Digital Pixel Imaging Systems

For more than a decade, digital pixel's engineered and manufactured microscope has been used by leading scientists in cutting-edge research at renowned universities and institutes worldwide. In recent years, as an alternative to conventional Lüfter-based systems, Digital Pixel has developed a whole range of powerful and compact heating systems that meet the specific requirements in these areas-with clear Benefits over the heating systems currently available.

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Hamamatsu cameras with CMOS sensor provide beautiful and reliable quantitative images even in the most demanding applications and are used for scientific research.

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Club Chamber

Klughammer was founded in 1989 as an independent company. You are one of the market leaders in telemedicine software, telemedicine hardware packages and anti-Vibrier platforms.

Lumen Dynamics

Lumen Dynamics

With the X-Cite® series, the company Lumen Dynamics offers a wide range of innovative lighting solutions, which are essential for reliable fluorescence cell imaging in many areas of research and medicine. A recognized industry standard with significant application know-how, the X-Cite® systems combine the highest optical performance and stability with easy operation.


Lumenera Cooperation

INFINITY USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 digital cameras, including CMOS, CCD, Full HD, technologies for life science, clinical and industrial applications.

Nanofaktur Logo


The company nanoFAKTUR is a specialist in everything related to piezo and nanopositioning.



Okolab is a provider of complete and reliable microscope incubator solutions for the Live Cell Microscopy.


TMC-Technical Manufacturing Corporation

TMC develops and manufactures a complete line of precise, vibration-insulating systems. They serve global research and industry with a wide range of applications, including semiconductor manufacturing, life science, optics, measurement technology and numerous academic, industrial and military research projects through the deployment Low-cost, elegant solutions to problems caused by vibration of the environment.


Tokai Hit

The company Tokai Hit specializes in compact incubator systems and heating tables for viewing liver cells. With the INU series ' incubator concepts and the ThermoPlate series clear glass heating panels, Tokai Hit offers the opportunity to examine live samples themselves for an extended period of time under optimal conditions.

Satisfied customers for over 10 years

Werner Lehmann
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We have been purchasing products from Micrasys for several years and can assure that these products are not only of high quality but that we have received competent advice at all times. Everything was made possible to be able to respond specifically to our requirements.
Josef Gotzmann
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The customer is served with expert knowledge coupled with social competence. Top quality, coupled with top service. Professional treatment also for flexible customer needs.
Andreas Roschger
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We recently purchased a stage incubation chamber for a fluorescence microscope from Micrasys and have been very pleased with the overall service. Customer service is friendly, professional and fast and a defective power supply was replaced immediately.


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ORCA-Fire Digital

ORCA-Fire Digital CMOS camera C16240-20UP Elemental for Discovery The ORCA-Fire intelligently integrates all the essential elements of a high performance, back-thinned, scientific CMOS (sCMOS) camera.

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