Stage Top Incubators

Enables to cell culture from a few hours to more than 2 weeks by maintaining the temperature, humidity and CO2 control on microscope stages possible. The performance is as good as good conventional CO2 incubator and enable to image the sample under cell-friendly environment with our system. Multi-user-friendly theme, It is possible to accommodate a variety of applications, leading to the success of the experiment by varies options.

Happy cells represent the user’s success. The STX series combines 22 years of technology experience in one system.

With the sample feedback option and the integrated humidification system, the STX set is a complete system for the highest demands.

Entry-level model guarantees easy start-up, high performance and precise control of temperature, humidity and CO2 with the simplest installation and handling.

Just start an experiment, setup takes 15 minutes.
With the STX-E model, all the necessary components are supplied in one package.

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