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Welcome to the world of microscope automation. Here you will find information on innovative product solutions, a comprehensive range of accessories and product enhancements; everything you need to automate your microscope. Our selected product portfolio offers the right solution for your specific application.


Micro Positioning

Whether in research and development, life science or material inspection , we offer innovative products as high-precision XY- and XYZ-Scanning Stages for microscopes or stand alone, Linear Stages, 3D/4D Stages, Manual Stages, motorized Focus Systems and Accessories.


Nano Positioning

Piezo systems are ideally suited for nanopositioning. With almost no static friction, these systems are suitable for achieving positions even with an accuracy of less than one nanometer. With respect to the maximum displacements, resolutions of 5 ppm, repeatabilities of 50 ppm and linearities of 100 ppm are possible.

di-SPIM 3

System Solutions /Modular Microscopes

Whether you require a complete system for a complex biological experiment, automation devices for increasing throughput, or inspection systems to catch defects and increase production, We have the products and partners to provide well-engineered solutions for you.

Tokai Hit WSBX chamber

Incubators / Heating Systems

Here you will find our different incubator- and heating systems. Our offer ranges from stage top incubators, enclosure systems with internal vibration free heating technology and with external heating technology, heating plates and accessories like different gas mixers.

Infinity 3 Lumenera Links

Digital Microscope Cameras

Micrasys offers high quality microscope cameras for almost all scientific applications. Our portfolio includes CMOS, CCD, high definition (HD), low light CCD, large format or special research cameras.


Autofocus / Motorized Focus Drive

Motorized fine focusing, video autofocus and systems for focus stability – we automatically bring your specimen into correct focus.


Vibration Isolation Systems

Anti-Vibration-Systems keep undesired vibrations away from your sensitive applications.

Satisfied customers for over 10 years

Werner Lehmann
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We have been purchasing products from Micrasys for several years and can assure that these products are not only of high quality but that we have received competent advice at all times. Everything was made possible to be able to respond specifically to our requirements.
Josef Gotzmann
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The customer is served with expert knowledge coupled with social competence. Top quality, coupled with top service. Professional treatment also for flexible customer needs.
Andreas Roschger
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We recently purchased a stage incubation chamber for a fluorescence microscope from Micrasys and have been very pleased with the overall service. Customer service is friendly, professional and fast and a defective power supply was replaced immediately.

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