Nanopositioning Systems

Nanopositioning is optimally done by piezo-drives in combination with EDM-cut flexures for levers and guidance. These components avoid stiction and friction, so that positions can really be set with even sub-nanometer accuracy. Relative to the maximum dispacements, resolutions of 5 ppm, repeatabilities of 50 ppm and linearities of 100 ppm are possible.

Z-Insert Stages

Z-insert stages can be integrated into most standard XY-stages of microscopes. They provide most precise positioning along the optical axis.

SPS Sample Z-Stages

SPS Sample Z-Inserts

Objective Scanners

Fine positioning of objectives with subnanometer resolution

SFS QuickFocus 100 µm

SFS SlimFocus 150 µm

SFS RangeFocus 100-600 µm

SFS MegaFocus 1000 µm

Piezo-Stages 1D-2D-3D

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