X-Cite Fluorescence Illumination

The X-Cite® fluorescence illumination series offers a wide range of innovative lighting solutions that are essential in many areas of research and medicine for reliable fluorescence cell imaging.

The X-Cite® systems are a recognized industry standard with significant application know-how that combines fluorescence illumination of the highest optical performance and stability with ease of operation.

X-Cite® LED fluorescence illumination systems are ideal for a variety of microscopy applications. Our X-Cite LED family ranges from advanced high-end LED illuminators with intelligent triggering and pulsing capabilities to extend live-cell imaging, through to LED light sources with broad-spectrum, high-power fluorescence excitation. Several X-Cite illuminators feature our patented LaserLED Hybrid Drive® technology enabling users to switch between powerful wavelengths with advanced control options, or to simply provide a bright, environmentally-friendly alternative to mercury lamps with excitation from DAPI all the way to Cy7.

X-Cite Xylis

X-Cite Turbo

X-Cite 120LEDmini

X-Cite 120LED

X-Cite 110LED

X-Cite XLED1

X-Cite Mini+

Whether observing fixed or live cells, X-Cite® offers a complete range of lamp illuminators that optimize imaging and ensure greater data reliability. These X-Cite products are known for maximum stability and superior illumination uniformity for fluorescence microscopy applications that provide the convenience of pre-aligned, long-life lamps and easy installation. X-Cite lamps provide solutions to suit your applications, ranging from the standard X-Cite 120Q model for routine assays, to our ultra-stable exacte for maximum long-term stability.

X-Cite 120Q

X-Cite 120PC Q

X-Cite 200DC

X-Cite exacte

X-Cite ® offers a selection of options and accessories that complement the X-Cite product line of illumination systems for fluorescence microscopy. Youcan select from a series of microscope adapters, light guides, replacement lamps, as well…

X-Cite Lamp Replacements (120, exacte, 200DC)

X-Cite Light Guides

X-Cite Microscope Adapter

Optical Power Measurement System


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