Optical Power Measurement System

The X-Cite® Optical Power Measurement System is designed for measuring optical power in watts at the specimen level that enables consistent and repeatable illumination throughout research experiments, and also assist in equipment set-up and troubleshooting. The system includes the X-Cite XP750 sensor which has a low, sleek profile that fits on the microscope stage and offers the versatility of measuring power output from an X-Cite microscope illuminator or any other epi-fluorescence light source. By fitting a wide dynamic range into a compact sensor, we have made it easier than ever to obtain this critical information.

Broad Dynamic Range
Calibrated for use at any wavelength between 320nm and 750nm, X-Cite XP750 is compatible with a full range of filters. With sensitivity to power levels from 5µW to 500mW, it is appropriate for applications using both low and high intensity illumination. This makes it suitable for use on standard, confocal, DSU and other microscope configurations.

Versatile and Convenient
X-Cite XP750 measures light right on the microscope stage so it can be used with any epi-fluorescence light source including: HBO / mercury, metal halide or xenon lamps, lasers and LEDs. With hundreds of wavelength choices, X-Cite XR2100 allows you to define ‘favorite wavelengths’ to correspond to your most frequently used sources and filters.

Repeatable Results
By measuring and recording power output in absolute units (watts) with X-Cite, illumination levels used in an experiment can always be repeated, no matter how light sources, light guides, filters and other optical components change over time. This unique capability is critical for reducing post-experiment image processing time; making accurate, quantitative image comparisons; and compiling complete, experiment documentation.

XR2100 Specifications
Includes: Handheld power meter, adapter for 3mm light guide, software CD, cables, user manual

Power Range: 50mW-10W

Measurement Resolution: 0.1 mW-0.01W

Uncertainty***: ±5%

Response Time: 1s

Calibration: Traceable to NIST*

Wavelength Range: 340 nm – 675 nm

Lamp Type / Light Source Compatibility: X-Cite exacte, X-Cite 120 Series (using 3 mm light guide input port)

Data Capacity: Store 100+ readings on handheld unit, or record directly into PC interface; export in spreadsheet compatible format

Command Protocol: RS232 via USB virtual COM port

Power Supply:  2 x 3.6 V Lithium battery

Weight: 1 lb (450 g)

Dimensions (without cover): 7.5″ x 4.5″ x 2″ (19 cm x 11.5 cm x 5 cm)

Worldwide Certifications: CE marked, RoHS compliant

Warranty: 1 year

Patents: X-Cite Optical Power Measurement System incorporates technology protected by the following patents: US#6,437,861; US#7,335,901

XP750 Specifications
Includes: Objective plane power sensor with cable / connector for X-Cite XR2100

Power Range: 5 µW-500 mW

Measurement Resolution: 0.01 µW-1 mW

Uncertainty: ±6%

Response Time: 600 ms (initial), 3 s (to ensure stable reading)

Calibration: Traceable to NRC**

Wavelength Range: 320 nm-750 nm

Lamp Type / Light Source Compatibility: X-Cite exacte, X-Cite 120 Series, Mercury / HBO, Metal Halide, Xenon, LED, Laser

Objective Compatibility: 4X-63X; air coupled, with FOV diameters less than 10 mm

Wavelength Selection: 1 nm increments using up / down buttons on X-Cite XR2100 or PC interface

Command Protocol: via X-Cite XR2100

Power Supply: Via X-Cite XR2100

Weight: 2.9 oz (82 g)

Dimensions (without cover): 3″ x 1″ x 0.35″ (75 mm x 25 mm x 9 mm)

Worldwide Certifications: via X-Cite XR2100

Warranty: 1 year

Patents: X-Cite Optical Power Measurement System incorporates technology protected by the following patents: US#6,437,861; US#7,335,901

*NIST – National Institute of Standards and Technology
**NRC – National Research Council



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