Microscope Autofocus / Motorized Fine Focusing

Motorized fine focusing, video autofocus and systems for focus stability – we automatically bring your specimen into correct focus.

The CRISP system is designed to maintain focus over time, i.e. compensate for thermal and other factors that may cause the sample to drift out of focus over time. It also can be used to maintain a given focal point while scanning the sample in XY.

Economic solutions for retro-fitting motorized fine focusing.  These are tailored to a specific microscope and thus form an integral part of the microscope. The MFC-2000 has been specifically designed to provide a high resolution and highly repeatable, means of controlling the focus/Z position of the microscope stage.

The SZ-2000 automates stereo zoom microscopes. The unit can be configured for motorized focus only, motorized focus with automated zoom control, or motorized focus with automated zoom control and an automated XY translation stage.

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