MS 2000 XYZ Automated Stage 2

Ultra-Stable US-2000 Flat-Top XY Automated Stage for Super Resolution Microscopy

The new US-2000 by ASIimaging is a motorized stage designed to hold really still. This boils down to moving as little as possible with temperature changes.

The new US-2000 should never be used for scanning, and repeatability is greatly sacrificed for thermal stability. The most prominent application of the US-2000 single-molecule localization microscopy (SMLM), a category of super-resolution microscopy which includes PALM, STORM, DNA-PAINT, etc.

SMLM uses long exposure times to image individual stationary fluorophores. During post-processing, the centre of each point is determined with an accuracy/resolution of up to 10 nanometres, which is why the object stage must be kept very still.
The US-2000 was designed to mount to a RAMM frame or stand-alone.

It has been adapted to fit on Nikon Ti2 and Olympus IX71/73/81/83. No option currently exists for Zeiss or Leica stands.


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