MS 2000 XYZ Automated Stage 2

Ultra-Stable US-2000 Flat Top XYZ super resolution scanning stage

The US-2000 Flat-Top XYZ stage by ASIimaging is a super-resolution microscope and its scanning stage fulfills all accruing microscopy application needs by providing a high-resolution image and an ultra-stable working experience.

The user is able to control the X, Y and Z position of the microscope stage smoothly and with the most accurate movement. Full XYZ positioning is made possible by the proven ASI piezo drives for the Z-axis.

Closed loop DC servomotors, which utilize high resolution rotary encoders for feedback, achieve precise control on positioning. For the highest precision possible, Z focusing piezos can be placed in the upper plate in travel dimensions of 150, 300 or 500 microns.

XY travel dimensions are available in a range from 25mm to 120mm. Including a linear encoder and a 0.635mm lead screw pitch, it is possible to achieve a resolution of 2.5nm and a true optical resolution of 10nm at the sample. The Stage can be connected to a computer by using an RS-232 or USB connection, which is achieved by the build-in control unit.

Every standard research grade microscope is compatible with this product.


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