Imaging type(Metal Heater)

Especially recommended for use when using high-magnification lenses and oil/water immersion lenses during live cell imaging.

Original Continuous Current Control minimize focus and ligth intensity change cause by the temperature regulation under high-magnification or immersion objective use.

Gentle temperature regulation

Support to achieve stable Images and Effectibe for High Magnification imaging. TPi features Continuous Current Control, it minimizes the focut drift caused by the heat compaed to the general ON-OFF regulation method.

Temperature Management Software TEM

Save data in CSV format which can be used in spreadsheets. The software includes the calibration function, too.

Compact design & friendly installation

Controller achieved smaller and lighter designed.
The multifunctional system support accurate temperature regulation in various filed.

Size: W85 x D135 x H30mm
The foot-print of system was reduced by 50%.
It can be placed on the table (left pic) but with mounting hook, it can make angle to the controller to see the display eaeir (center) and/or hang it on the wall. The mounting hook is slim but robust design and the load capacity of hook is 2.0 kg.

Ease of temperature measurment

With steralized sensor (included in the package) can measure the actual temperature of the sample (media) and/or the surface of the plate possible.

temp. calibration with one touch of button.

Enable to re-calibrate system under your room temperature with one-touch calibration function. It determines suitable PID setting value for your plate within approximately 3 mintues.


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