Light Microscopy

"Automate your Microscope"

Welcome to the world of microscope automation. Here you will find information on innovative product solutions, a comprehensive range of accessories and product enhancements; everything you need to automate your microscope.
Our selected product portfolio offers the right solution for your specific application.


Product overview - microscope automation


» Upright Scanning Stages

Looking for solutions for your demanding micropositioning tasks? Below you'll find our high-precision Scanning Stages. Whether in research and development, materials testing, or life sciences, you will like our innovative product solutions.


» Inverted Scanning Stages

Here you will find innovative product solutions for your demanding inverted microscope micropositioning tasks. Our scanning stages are enthusiastically received in research and development, material inspection as well as in the area of life sciences.


» Autofocus / Motorized Focus Drive

Automated microscope processes not only require motorized XY-axes but also an automatic Z-axis adjustment. For details, see the following Web pages.



» Piezo Z-Axis Systems

Piezo systems enable fast, high-resolution specimen positioning along the optical Z-axis. Here you will find our products for manual and motorized microscope stages.



 » Nano-Positioning

Nanopositioning is optimally done by piezo-drives in combination with EDM-cut flexures for levers and guidance. These components avoid stiction and friction, so that positions can really be set with even sub-nanometer accuracy. Relative to the maximum dispacements, resolutions of 5 ppm, repeatabilities of 50 ppm and linearities of 100 ppm are possible.


  » Servo Motor Controllers

Our high-tech servo motor controllers were designed for demanding microscopy micropositioning tasks and offer maximum performance with unsurpassed operating convenience. They allow fast and precise sub-µ movement of scanning stages, focus drives and other microscope automation peripherals.


 » Accessories

Successful automation of optical microscopes also requires the right accessories for your task. Our accessories are optimally matched to our scanning systems and have been proven in many applications.


 » Incubator Systems / Heating plates

Table incubators and clear glass heating panels for various research applications, in clinical settings or in the life sciences.



» Microscope Heating Systems

Flexible Microscope Heating Systems / Incubators




  » Software

Automated scanning using our Surveyor Software including Turboscan imaging opens up the possibility of producing high quality mosaic images at the camera frame rate.



  » Digital Microscopy Cameras

INFINITY USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 digital cameras for life science, clinical and industrial applications.




» Fluorescence Illumination

Meaningful results in microscopy are often dependent on optimum fluorescence illumination matched to the respective application. Here you will find the right systems for your task.



» System Solutions

Innovative system solutions for automated microscopy.




» Anti-Vibration Systems / Optical Tables

Isolated your microscope and keeps undesired vibrations away from sensitive applications.