Ultrasonic microscopy


Welcome to the world of ultrasonic microscopy

Here you will find important information about the latest ultrasonic microscopes, accessories and product enhancements as well as additional services we offer in the area of ultrasonic microscopy.

On the basis of extensive application examples you will get a sense of the diverse applications for this modern technology. Other useful information allows you to dig deeper into the topic of ultrasonic microscopy.



Overview of topics


» Technology

Would you like information on the functional principle of ultrasonic transducers or various scanning modes? Then you're at the right place.


» Products

Here you will find product information on our innovative ultrasonic microscopes, sound transducers and accessories.


» Used Equipment Market

In addition to new systems, micrasys also offers used or demo systems. Of course, this equipment is all refurbished and includes a warranty.


» Application Service

In our affiliated application laboratories we analyze your specimens with modern ultrasonic technology. We "listen to" your task requirements and provide you a synopsis. Whether it be a run-up to an equipment purchase or provided as a pure service.


» Typical Applications

Ultrasonic microscopy offers a wide range of possible applications. On the basis of extensive application examples, you will get a sense of the possible applications for this modern technology.


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